Featured Angus Females

The folks here at Bar-H Land & Cattle Co. value groups of females rather than individuals.  Does that mean we don’t have any favourites?  Oh yes we do, but farm favourites…..no sir.  We feel that farm favourites or show winning females can be a real liability to a breeding operation.  We take a no excuses approach when it comes to our female group called our cow herd.  We still value cow families but we don’t make selections strictly by cow families. Every individual female has to earn her stripes on her own merits and sometimes it can be a tough row to hoe. 

With the hard, long and cold winters we endure here in east central Saskatchewan our standards are little different than they are in warmer more endurable climates.  What we are saying is that the female we  produce needs to have that extra capacity that extra rib shape and that overall doing ability that maybe isn’t a requirement in other parts of the continent.   We know the expense involved in bringing a pregnant cow through the long cold winter months.  We consider these obstacles before she enters the production world as a beef cow here at Bar-H.