S Open Country 454

17889917 Male Tattoo:454 DOB:03/16/2014

  BW WW YW Milk Marb
EPD +3.0 +67 +117 +26 +0.45

This standout Open Country son jumped through all the hoops as he ratioed 114 at weaning, 111 at yearling, 140 for marbling, and 108 for ribeye. His highly productive young dam is a very moderate, easy keeping Chinook daughter with a near perfect udder.







Vermilion X Factor
Vermilion Xtra X
Vermilion Mamere 5403
SIRE: HA Open Country 2047
H A Image Maker 0415
HA Bemindful Maid 4205
HA Bemindful Maid 2605

H A Image Maker 0415
Shipwheel Chinook
 Apex Eriskay 5506
DAM: S Gloria 0406
S Chisum 6175
S Gloria 858
S Gloria 222