Male 1145 | AAA# 17007985 | 03/25/2011

Based on January 2015 EPDs Black Angus
  BW WW YW Milk CW
EPD -3.6 +57 +100 +33 +25

Along with Spickler Ranch of Glenfield ND, we are very pleased to announce that Semex Canada has partnered with us on S TITLEST 1145 and will be marketing all semen worldwide on him. 

The latest numbers on Titlest are out and they ave all moved in an exciting direction. 15 of his sons are featured on March 25, 2015 at the Ranch many are ideal for use on heifers.

Connealy Lead On
Reich Lead On 424
Reich Bonnie M12
SIRE: RA Lincoln W144
A A R Really Windy 1205
RA Brandy P11
RA Brandy L48

Connealy Dateline
Vermilion Dateline 7078
 Vermilion Blackbird 5044
DAM: S Cora 572
TC Dividend 963
H L Lady Dividend 422
H L Band Rito Voyager 141