About Bar-H Land & Cattle Co.

Bar-H Land & Cattle Co. is a 3rd gerneration family owned farming and ranching operation located in the beautiful parkland region of east-central Saskatchewan.  John Alex Hogberg assembled, in the late 1920’s, a large grain and commercial cow calf operation.  His son Edsel assumed responsibilities of the operation in the early 1960’s continuing with the grain and commercial Hereford cow herd.

Edsel seen the value in registered seed stock, so in 1972 he ventured to Craig’s Ranching Co. to purchase his first registered Hereford females. Around that same time Edsel also felt the desire to compete with the steers that he had raised. He exhibited the farms strait bred Hereford steers with much success at the Toronto Royal and at the very first Canadian Western Agribition shows. In 1973 the farm won its first class winner at Agribition with a Hereford steer in a class of 75 head. In 1975 another Hereford steer won the Regina Spring Steer Show. In 1976 at Agribition Bar-H exhibited the grand champion group of 5 steers competing against all breeds.

There were many class winners and breed champions but the final chapter in the farms success with showing steers came at the 1985 Agribiton when the Hogberg’s exhibiteda very popular Hereford steer champion that went on to be the Reserve Grand Champion over all breeds.

By the early 1980’s,Edsel’s son Robin had decided to take an active role in the breeding of the registered cow herd. There was a strong desire at the Hogberg kitchen table to create a new Polled Hereford bloodline. It was decided to use the 2 time Denver champion L1 Pacesetter on a select group of cows and a bull calf Bar-H L1 Chance 55S was born. He was the second of 4 Regina Bull Sale Champions shown by Bar-H Land & Cattle and the first of 2 overall sale high sellers. At the time we didn’t realize that our efforts in producing “Chance” would be so widley accepted by the industry in the years to come. The farm also exhibited and competed successfully at shows all across Canada. In 1989 the first exhibit at Denver Stock Show was successfully made. In the years following Bar-H exhibited cattle at Fort Worth, Jackson, Valley City ND and of course Denver.

In 2003 the Hogberg family decided to expand their breeding herd. The entire Circle D heifer crop was purchased and the opportunity to enter the Black Angus breed by leasing a group of females from Perryville Holdings Ltd., the most decorated Black Angus herd in Canada during the 70‘s and 80‘s. After much time, research and consideration more Black Angus seedstock were added. this time from the famous Hamilton Farms herd of Cochrane Ab.

Over the years the Hogberg family has been involved and experienced every aspect of the beef industry and we have been involved with and experienced multiple breeds which has given us a greater understanding of the needs of the beef cattle industry.

Bar-H Land & Cattle Co as enjoyed much success in the seed-stock business but we have also endured many defeats which has pushed us to strive to greater heights. Currently we are breeding close to 300 Hereford and Black Angus females. Today our goal is very simple, to produce a product that is going to make our customers a profit. We believe that if we accomplish this objective we will have done our industry justice and fulfilled our purpose in this most challenging yet rewarding business that we all love to call our life.